Department for forest radiation ecology
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Department for forest radiation ecology

Department manager:

RAZDAYVODIN Andrey Nicolaevich

  • Certified radiation safety expert
  • Member of the “Rosatom” working group on Fukusima nuclear power plant accident(2005)
  • Member of the Russian Geographical Society

Contact phone: +7 495 993 30 54

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Prior areas of research and development:

  • Study of ionizing radiation effects on forest ecosystem condition in radioactive contamination zones and identification of radionuclide migration patterns in forest bio-geo-coenosises
  • Management of the database on forest resources radiation situation
  • Research provisions for the Federal target program "Clearance of radiation accident and disaster impacts till 2010" (Forestry related)
  • Development of protective operations and guidelines on forest management in radioactive contamination conditions aimed to reduce outer and inner exposure of foresters and local community
  • Preparation of information for the Federal authorities on radiation situation in forest resources for planning activities in radionuclide contaminated areas
  • Studies in forest radiation pyrology; prediction of forest fire emergencies in radiation contamination conditions; forest fire management in radiation contaminated forests
  • Ionizing radiation source applications in forestry

The department comprises laboratories of forest radiation ecology, radiation control, training information center for radiation safety of forest management in radiation contaminated zones.