Laboratory of biological forest protection
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Laboratory of biological forest protection

Laboratory manager:

SERGEEVA Ulia Anatoljevna

  • Candidate of biological sciences
  • Senior researcher
  • Member of the forest protection cooperation group with the Chine Peoples Republic and Islamic republic of Iran
  • Winner of the Russian “Engineer of 2002 (2003) year” contest
  • Awarded with the “Rosleshoz certificate of merit” (2009)

Contact tel: +7 495 993 41 76
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The lab was established in 1997. The lab research activities are aimed at theoretical, guiding and experimental operations in entomophatogenic organisms and entomophage applications within harmful forest insect population control regulations and development of forest protection environmental operations.

Key operation areas::

  • Identification of advanced forest protection virus, bacterial, fungi microorganisms and entomophage insects in populations of hazardous forest phytophages and quarantine pests
  • Secretion, screening and accumulation of entomopathogenic microorganisms active strain biomass to develop new efficient preparations and their further applications in integrated forest protection systems
  • Development of quarantine leaf-eating and stem pest entomophages cultivation and introduction
  • Improvement of biological preparation aerial and ground application technology components
  • Assessment of forest protection biological agent quality and application range
  • Impact assessment of forest treatments with chemical insecticides and bio-preparations on useful organism population and development of forest community biological diversity conservation ways
  • Development of guidelines regulating forest protection biological agent applications in forests