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Demonstration plantations in gullies

On May 18, 2017 Tatarstan Republic foresters established demonstration gully-ravine protection plantations in around 6.3 ha area in the Satyshevsky village territory of the Sabinsky district. Foresters planted acacia, birch, spruce, pine and larch seedlings. The operation was done within workshop-conference at the Forest breeding and seed production center premises with involvement of the PFD Forestry department deputy director, 1st deputy minister of the Tatarstan Republic Forestry, the Sabinsky district administration, forest sector officers of the Tatarstan, Orenburzhskaya, Samarskaya, NIzhegorodskaya, Uljanovskaya regions the Mary El Republic and Chuvashija. Deputy director of the VNIILM East-European FES I.Garipov participated in the conference as well.      

The workshop program was rather intensive. Insight into the Forest breeding and seed production center activities for production containerized spruce, pine, larch planting stock, range and technology of decorative tree species production for the Sabinsky arboretum , updated timber processing facility to produce sawn timber, wood powder, pellets, pallets.