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Berry production outlooks discussed in Yaroslavl

Central-European FES officers director I.Korenev, deputy director for research E,Bagaev, leading researcher G.Tjak and senior researcher V.Makeev took part in the 2nd multi-regional research and practical conference on forest berry commercial production and shared research findings abd practical experience in plantation production of cranberry, blueberry, redberry and Arctic raspberry.

 The conference was held on May 23, 2017 in Tekhmenevo community, Rybinsky district, Yaroslavaskaya region at the premises of Rybinsky forest technical college. Representatives of Yaroslavskaya, Kostromskaaya, Vologodskaya and Archengelskaya regions participated in the conference. T.Smirnova the head of Rybinsky district, director of Yroslavskaya region forestry department and Yroslavskaya regional Duma members were among the conference participants.

The participants heard 10 reports. V.Sharov director of Rybinsky forest technical college reviewed the background of cranberry commercial production in Yaroslavskaya region. T.Smirnova –head of Rybinsky district highlighted available favourable conditions for forest berry plant commercial production. N.Savelev director of Yaroslavskaya region forestry department in his presentation backed her.   

N.Sklepkovich –sponsor of the business club of Archasngelsky division of the Unio0n of Russian Journalists, chairman of the “Archangelskaya klukva” board in his presentation covered economic aspects of forest berry commercial production. The “Yaroslavskoe pomorje” project leader stressed forest berry commercial productio0n as a new tourist resource. I.Laushkin –the “Nikolskoye” eco-farm business owner shared his experience of strawberry, Arctic raspberry and blueberry production and guided his eco-farm tour for the conference participants.     

3 Central-Europeant FES officers presented their papers at the conference. G.Tjak presented Kostroma experience in forest berry plant production, senior researcher V.Makeev – cranberry production specifics in peat lands, I.Korenev FES director – microclonal propagation applications for elite planting stock production of valuable forest berry plant species.

All conference stressed a need and use of expert training for forest berry commercial production probably at the Rybinsky forest technical college premises. Since not all were able to attend there was a proposal to conduct such follow-up conferences  on-line.