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September 15, will celebrate 60 years Director VNIILM Alexander Martynyuk

September 15, will celebrate 60 years Director VNIILM Alexander Martynyuk. Professional career at the Institute, he began a graduate student in 1981, the main direction is a researcher in the field of forest ecology, forest management and strategic forest planning.

After 33 years of its activity A.A. Martynyuk has published 140 scientific papers. With his participation created more than 50 projects of regulatory legal and technical documents, ensuring implementation of the Forest code of Russia. Also under his supervision were developed State program «Development of forestry of the Russian Federation for 2013-2020» and «Principles of state policy in the field of use, conservation, protection and reproduction of forests in the Russian Federation for the period till 2030, approved by the Russian government».

On the initiative of the Director, in 2012 the Institute was established Innovation center to search for new approaches in science and activation of innovative activity. In this regard, the updated laboratory and research facilities, including branches of the Institute, advance current research projects in the field of biological methods of forest protection as part of a Comprehensive program of biotechnology development in the Russian Federation "Bio-2020" and "Biotech-2030".

A.A. Martynyuk is a member of a number of collective bodies of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russia, is in the Public Council of the Federal forestry Agency, is a member of the Council Working group on forestry development under the Government of the Russian Federation, member of Dissertation councils VNIILM and at MSFU.

During his long scientific and public work in the field of forest science, Director of the Institute have been awarded several times at the Federal and regional levels and has the following awards:

  • thanks to the Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation;
  • honorary diploma of the Moscow regional Duma;
  • honorary diploma of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation;
  • thanks  letter of gratitude of the head of the Federal forestry Agency;
  • the title "Honored worker of forestry";
  • silver medal of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation for his contribution to the development of agro-industrial complex
  • diploma of the Winner of the competition of the Russian Union of scientific and engineering  public organizations "Engineer of the year 2003";
  • medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow";
  • the diploma of the Governor of Moscow region "Environmentalist of the year the suburbs - 2010;
  • thanks to the Federal forestry Agency for the hard work at the 12th session of the intergovernmental Council for the timber industry and forest the economy of the CIS countries.

The Institute congratulates the Director's anniversary, wished him the same professional energy, positive attitude to life, good health, peace and prosperity to all his family and loved ones.

With a holiday!