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International meeting on boreal forests

August 18-22, 2014 in Krasnoyarsk will host the 24th meeting of the Working Group of the Montreal Process on the conservation and sustainable management of temperate and boreal forests. Organization and holding of this international event were charged VNIILM.

This year marks 20 years since the establishment of the Working Group of the Montreal Process on Forests. In addition to Russia, it consists of 11 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, United States, Uruguay, Chile and Japan. It is these countries account for 83% of temperate and boreal forests in the world, 49% of the world's forests, 40% of world trade in wood and wood products and 33% of the population.

In the Montreal Process was developed criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management, which have become a successful tool of forest policy. Seven Montreal Process criteria were approved by the UN Forum on Forests as general thematic areas of sustainable forest management:

  1. Supply of forest resources
  2. Forest biological diversity
  3. Health and vitality of forest ecosystems
  4. Productive functions of forests
  5. Protective functions of forests
  6. Socio-economic functions of forests
  7. Legal, policy and institutional framework.

Twenty years of the Montreal Process ( is a forum for sharing knowledge and experience. Criteria and indicators of the Montreal Process help member countries to observe uniformity in monitoring, assessment of the state of forest resources, preparation of national reports.

At this year's meeting of the Working Group is scheduled to listen to about 25 performances, including scientists from Japan, China, New Zealand. Welcome guests on behalf of the Siberian Federal District is Head of the Department of Forestry AM Gura, on behalf of the Krasnoyarsk Territory - Minister of Natural Resources and Environment EV Vavilov. Deputy Director for Science VNIILM AN Filipchuk deliver a lecture on "The use of Russian indicators to assess the effectiveness of forest management of the Russian Federation." The paper will also include representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, FAO, the World Bank.

The meeting participants will meet with the administration and scientists of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Will focus on improving the tools for implementing the forest policy, the problem of interaction of forest science, law, management and others. This is the third visit of the Working Group of the Montreal process in the Russian Federation and the first encounter with Siberia.

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