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"Seliger" was inspected for radiation

July 29 scientific employees of the department of radiation ecology and fire science: AN Razdayvodin, D. Romachkin AD Romashkina, AI Radin, AA Belov, NI Trushina - participated in the Day of the forest, which was held for the participants of the All-Russian forum "Seliger-2014".

Exposure on the site have been deployed VNIILM information stands on the main aspects of radiation safety in the forests. But the main "chip" of the event was a master class: Radioecology VNIILM clearly showed the Forum work with the dosimeter and soil sampler in the real world. First identified the local radiation levels, then here took soil samples and spectrometer conducted radiation monitoring. Make sure that the Seliger, at least, that's okay.

Master-class institute staff members of the forum has attracted considerable attention. If at first came no more than five people, gradually interest in radiation measurements showed about 50 young environmentalists. Guys and asked many questions. However, they are concerned mainly nuclear energy, disposal and storage of radioactive waste, measures for the protection of nature and man from the radiation, and the like. Nevertheless, interest in this subject is, then, the younger generation of young scientists and radiologists. It is for them the scientific staff of the Institute, after the master class, presented a short report presentation on pollution of forest resources, a joint project with scientists from the Republic of Belarus and the prospects for further research in the field of radiation protection of the forest.

In memory of this meeting and held a master class, all participants received a gift from the staff VNIILM commemorative badges, CDs and leaflets.

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