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Received payment, but delayed

In early August, the guys from school forestry VNIILM received the long-awaited, honestly worked salary. But leave them did not want to, so they baked onto the Care Park and his team.

On behalf of the Directorate of the Institute congratulates young foresters with the end of the summer season, the Deputy Director for Science Sergey Rodin. He expressed gratitude to the children for their active support of cleanliness and order in the park, for his work "with a twinkle." And then, together with Elena Serafimovna Bubakinoy - Senior Researcher, Laboratory of forests, they had a children's traditional tour of the arboretum. These tours are offered at the end of each shift to remind children about the most valuable tree species and about the importance of the park, not only for the institution, but also for all the inhabitants of the town of Pushkin.

After the tour, the guys got sweet prizes - chocolates and collective picture for memory.

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