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Rapid assessment of the forest park "North"

August 5 VNIILM scientists at the request of the Administration of Pushkin and MBU "Pushkin Municipal" (Pushgorhoz) conducted a consultation leaving in Forest Park North, to assess his condition from the point of view of the health of the forest.

Now residents of nearby houses on the street. Aviation and Forest use the park for walking, playing football, and, of course, for dogs. By the way, dog suburbs know Pushkin Forest Park as the venue for the annual regional dog shows. Periodically conducted in the territory of the forest park contest pupils of military-patriotic clubs of the city. That is until the entire functionality. In the future we plan to give it up, adding an illuminated skiing trail along the perimeter of the park in the winter, bike paths and trails for Nordic walking classes - in the summer, as well as gyms and playgrounds.

Scientists VNIILM together with representatives of the media and employees' Pushgorhoza "bypassed part of the forest park (for a full crawl will need more than one day - an area of over 50 hectares), examined the trees, turfy soil layer, overall composition of forest plantations and the general condition of the stand. Then, each of the scientists gave comments and recommendations as part of its direction.

Nicholas Lyamtsev, Head of Forest Protection, Ph.D.: trees partially damaged forest pests such as bark beetle and black longhorn beetle, but this is not critical, because they are few, and here there are natural, the natural enemies of these pests - Entomophages. For example, they saw muravezhuka - the most efficient predator of bark beetles developing on pine and spruce. It is also called "bark beetle wolf." It was he, as well as the timely holding of sanitary measures, will not allow the outbreak of bark beetles.

But the danger for the spread of insect pests in the forest park is still there: it is a considerable amount of deadwood - impassable, windfall trees, broken off in bulk snow and fallen for other reasons. Was, in particular, a huge fir tree that fell because of completely rotten inside the barrel.

So all this dead wood - a potential basis for the breeding of pests and diseases. It must be removed first.

Andrey Zhidkov, deputy head of the ecology of the forest, the candidate of agricultural sciences: North Forest Park - one of the most ecologically healthy areas of the city, it retains the charm of it is forest. The soil in the manner of any threat to the environment is not observed - parking lots, industrial plants, landfills, etc. Although the side of the road (along the street. Aviation) in the forest park there are areas of dead trees that need to be removed. Also considerable damage the root system of trees and the forest as a whole can cause race quad - mainly those addicted vacationers coming from Moscow. Already observed in the park track of quads. The fact that damaged appliances provoke roots rotting process stem. It may not be noticeable, but then there is a great danger of a sudden fall of the tree.

Oleg Ryabtsev, head of the forestry planning, candidate of agricultural sciences: forest inventory work begins, usually with a full inventory of the forest resources, ie conversion of trees and their distribution by type. A cursory examination - in the forest park is dominated by pine. But there are also a large number of mountain ash, birch prolese of shrubs - Malinniki and bilberry. Since a considerable area of the park, it can be broken down into sections: a large recreational load - which will be a massive recreation of people and sports activities; at the pleasure zone - with paths, pavilions, and the "forest" areas with minimal human intervention in nature. Now the park is a good natural regeneration, there are young spruce and pine, the main thing - not to interfere in this process.

The reason for the sudden fall of the tree - trunk rot unnoticed due to mechanical damage to the roots, for example, as a result of riding a quad bike

General summary VNIILM scientists – with the right approach to the arrangement and further care wooded park North, it can become a real "forest jewel," Pushkin our "elk island." And will continue to honor the town of Pushkin and Pushkin District as "forest capital" suburbs. By the way, the importance of this region so it is required to VNIILM - Scientific Center of forest science of national importance.

This article has been translated by machine translation.