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Completed summer school forestry work

July 30 in VNIILM closed the second and final change of school forestry VNIILM. His work young foresters Pushkino carried out in the arboretum, tidying plants, removing trash, sweeping paths and otherwise ennobling the park.

Completion of work celebrated morning picnic on one of the glades of the park. The main difference between this, children from other companies was orderly and respect for nature. After the picnic, the children were removed, not only for themselves, but also collected and all the nearby debris. Their care even after the end of the shift is order and cleanliness in the park.

At the closing share most vivid impressions. This year, all the memorable meeting with the crew cut and arrangement of the Mall of love. Guys cleared and tidied one of the most overgrown corner of the park. It grows 17 kinds of lilac, however, behind the bushes for a long time, no one cared. Now the branches trimmed, paths identified, and even the nameplate set. As explained to the boys, "Walk of Love" they called not because they are necessarily have to walk a couple of lovers, but because this place tidied with a great love for nature and for joint work.

On the Walk of Love

But the most interesting - it finds. Every time during the school forestry guys find something. Last year it was a big box of decorations. We agreed to meet in the winter and decorate any tree in the park for the New Year, but - did not happen. This year, the guys found the purse with documents. Of course, to find the owner and return loss. Man no longer chayalsya it back, very happy. A few days later came back and brought the boys reward - 300 rubles.

Another finding of this year - dumped someone ficus. Large, uprooted plant helplessly lying in the park. The boys turned to the maintenance department VNIILM, picked up the pot, put, and ficus started a new life - now under the supervision of scientists and foresters.

In the future be able to capture these moments for the wall newspaper guys agreed next year to appoint a photojournalist and his editor. This time the wall newspaper was devoted to, of course, the 80th anniversary of VNIILM.

In just two shifts this summer to work in the forestry school 25 children aged 8 to 14 years. They got paid a half thousand rubles and bonuses for outstanding work achievements. Supervised the work of students and staff of the Institute psychologists Pushkin Employment Center.

The boys improved their health, have been engaged in business during the holidays, enjoyed the useful work and communicate with each other, and have made them an important conclusion: to change the world for the better we must not philosophical speculations or dreams, and above all, work, personal contribution to the overall business. Start with yourself and everyone around will change!

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