Rally in Pushkin Park

July 29 at the National Youth Forum "Seliger-2014" was held Forest Day. The program of the day there were performances scientists foresters, round tables, workshops, interactive sessions, competitions, exhibitions specialized work. The Forum was attended by researchers of the Department of Radioecology VNIILM.

In the town of Pushkin, where VNIILM, this day scientists have also decided to carry out promotional activities on forest issues. And called it "I asked Ash" , since it was about the impact of new malware for Russian invasive pest - the emerald ash borers.

Interest in such shares have shown almost all of the local media, as well as the correspondent of the newspaper industry "Russian forest lead" Elena Subbotin. On the example of Central Park of Culture and Rest, Pushkin, head of the Laboratory of Forest Protection from invasive and quarantine organisms VNIILM Yuri Gninenko, showed the results of the Moscow and Moscow region emerald borers - mass destruction of ash trees.

Today these insects hit 80% ash plantings in parks and forest park areas in and around Moscow. In 2013, the staff noticed VNIILM affected Zlatko ash in the central park of Pushkin. Scientists have turned to "Pushkin Municipal" (Pushgorhoz), which cares for the park and offered to make Ash protective injection to maintain resistance to pests. It is a little improved the condition of the trees, but the situation is not saved: one year later the trees again "surrender their position," most of them were narrowed completely.

Academics, journalists and representatives of the city administration made a detour through the park to see the status of ash trees affected by Zlatko.

Old adult insect borers ended in June, so now you can only see vyletnyh holes in the bark. By the number of holes and determined the degree of population tree pest. These ashes are yet with foliage, and seemingly still alive, but in fact, according to the scientist, this is an illusion: wood irretrievably lost.

Director attended the meeting "Pushgorhoza" Alexander Bushev. His main question and "headache" - whether it is necessary to cut down such ash or wait until they still have leaves? And the make up such loss in the park? After killing more than a hundred trees!

The answer is clear: be sure to cut down and the roots, leaving stumps and shoots. In this case, if you do not, sick tree promotes the growth and further spread of the pest. And make green parklands can other species of trees that take root quickly and Zlatko not interesting: birch, maple, mountain ash.

Reporters asked Yuri Gninenko and other questions, in particular: on private property (house, villa) carefully whether to file down dying ash, and whether Veselin move on to other trees - such as fruit?

Answer: Yana on fruit trees will not go as to any other. Because it is called Yasenevaya. But plant ash in the cottages and garden plots now in any case can not, no matter how loved this tree. Almost a 100% certainty we can say that it will be settled by Zlatko perish.

Consonant with this issue sounded another: the ash is important for the species composition of the forest park spaces, can we do without him? Answer scientist: Of course, you can. We, unfortunately, have already lost a lot of species of plants and animals, "due to" inattention to nature, and often criminal negligence. But here we live. Death for parks and cutting ash trees may not be such a serious loss in their place will put something else. But if we do not find ways to stop Zlatko, she gets to ash forests , which are in Bryansk, Tula and other areas - then already loss will be felt across regions, and across the country.

Aspen grove in the Crimea: Zlatko malicious "not weak" and get there if it does not stop

And what about taking regional and federal authorities - asked the media? Nothing. To date, emerald Veselin not even entered in the official list of invasive organisms, and therefore any action taken against it can not. By the way: the list of pests imported into Russia from the outside, requiring the development of preventive and protective measures have not been updated in years 8-10 (!).

I can not believe that Eastern insect with "good and open" look ready to destroy all ash in Russia

In conclusion of the event on behalf of Alexander Bushev "Pushkin urban economy" and Yuri Gninenko behalf VNIILM agreed to consult periodically to jointly monitor the status of trees favorite vacation spot of townspeople - Pushkin's Central Park of Culture and Recreation.

This article has been translated by machine translation.