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On the future of the young will report

In early July, the Institute held a regular meeting of the Academic Council VNIILM. Presented and discussed three main issues: state and development prospects of the Division of Forest Economics - Head of the Department of Economics reported PT Voronkov and director of the Center for strategic planning and forecasting, VA Korjakin; state and prospects of development of forest management and forest Division design - IG reported to Department Head Trushina; work of the Council of Young Scientists VNIILM in 2013-2014.

On the first question - in general, the report of the Division of Forest Economics approved. Department promptly performs Rosleskhoz standing orders. According to the state job, a quarterly updated database of payments for forest resources for each subject of the federation and the state forest products market in line with the ongoing monitoring of prices. For future development of the economy Department proposed four major research topics in the system Rosleskhoz the period up to 2020.

However, there are some disadvantages. In particular, it is necessary to increase the number of publications of the Department, not enough speeches at scientific meetings, staff meetings and NTS Rosleskhoz marked defect in the pricing system on forest resources. Academic Council of the Department of Economics recommended as part of integrated research, do the following: Determine the cost-effectiveness for forest protection, prepare a feasibility study scientific calculations of intensive use of forests.

IG report Trushina was marked by the Academic Council as a professionally trained - compact and, at the same time, information capacious. Forestry sector design, which is under the IG Trushina, entrusted with the preparation and regular submission of data on the interaction of the Institute with the federation in the FFA.

The third issue discussed the work of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute. Discussants noted that it is necessary to update the Regulations on the Board of young scientists. On the anniversary of the Institute Council Chairman VV Tar to prepare a report, "Major Developments VNIILM young scientists - the basis of future studies. And also streamline the work plan for the second half of 2014 to study the issue and organizing young scientists studying English spoken language as a prerequisite for participation in international conferences.

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