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Tightened requirements for thesis defense

Scientific Secretary Institute SY Tsaregradskaya July 8 participated in a meeting of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on improving the system of certification of scientific personnel. The meeting was held in Moscow on the basis of People's Friendship University, took part representatives of universities and research institutions, members of the Council of Rectors of Moscow and the Moscow region were invited and the media.

Discussed mainly amendments to existing documents, as well as released new regulatory rules and instruments in the field of doctoral and master's theses. The speakers were: Deputy Minister of Education and Science Minister LM Ogorodova Rector RUDN VM Filippov, Director of attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the Russian Ministry IA Shishkin.

Speakers stressed the correct tightening of requirements for the protection of theses and need to further modernize the system of attestation of scientific personnel. In the same regard, the publication activity of weak member of dissertation councils. Each member shall periodically publish their articles in specialized publications. However, this does not occur, which may lead eventually to the closure of several Dissertational Council as non-compliant WAC. To streamline the work in this direction, the Russian Ministry prepares on its official website the updated list of publications recommended by the WAC. Currently, the list of pending approval by the Department of Justice.

Much attention is paid to the problem at a meeting of plagiarism in the preparation of doctoral and master. Often still are cases citing scientific works without reference to the author or source of the quotation, ie in fact - usurping someone else's thoughts. Today's Internet provides tremendous opportunities for this. Therefore discussed the need to further improve the system to validate the use of the borrowed material.

Among the simplifications in obtaining PhD degrees can be considered permit issuance diploma candidate Sciences Dissertation council scientific institutions, which hosted the defense.

Meeting aroused great interest among the participants, ask lots of questions.

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