Child labor ennobles

On the territory of the arboretum VNIILM started summer school of forestry. Twenty children from 9 to 14 years of daily tidy park paths, scavenge, and elevated planting shrubs and trees. With children staffed Pushkin Employment Center Anna Slutskaya and Tatiana Alpatskaya General management performed by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Institute Nina Machkina. Total for summer runs two shifts: in June and July.

Summer employment change school forestry practiced in VNIILM more than 10 years. Typically, the composition of children standing - they come every year because they like it. The main objective of this work - to teach students to simple physical labor, caring towards nature, and the ability to care for Parkland vegetation. Each shift employees of the institute conducted tours for children in the arboretum with the explanation why this or that planted trees than they are valuable and which are held with them research. In addition, children can get their work let small, but still wages, and the most zealous - and even premium. This stimulates the guys, they work not just fun, but also with a certain eagerness.

Closure of each shift takes on a festive large meadow arboretum. All bring treats, which prepared the house themselves, and hold contests, who also came up with themselves. Thus, the summer work in nature with the children remembered the positive side, benefit their health. Employees of the institute, in turn, noted that the park, thanks to the careful against children is cleaner and tidier. But the main thing is that the guys instilled a love of work, the desire to understand nature, to participate in its improvement.

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