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Results of the conference in Kazan

June 6 in Kazan completed their work International scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of forest reproduction of Russia" and the conference "Russia Oakwood." The event consisted of two parts: a plenary and exit.

At the plenary session, June 4, the report was made 23 presentations. Were representatives of science, education, forestry managers at various levels. In particular, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan Nail Gambarovich Magdeyev noted in his speech that the region is one of the leading Russian and here pays special attention to environmental issues. Forest - ecology is a framework, in Tatarstan reforestation and care for them attach great importance. Forestry of the Republic - an area of innovation. For the financial support of new projects in the field of reforestation and afforestation Minister thanked the FFA and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Discussion participants showed interest of all parties in the preservation and reproduction of forests generally competent and oak forests - in particular. Questions were raised about the continuation of the program creation of seed centers from the federal and regional budgets. Head of Department of Forest Management and Reforestation Rosleskhoz MS Doronin stressed that such financing major projects require the same serious recruitment - both for construction and for the further operation of these centers. In addition, said Mikhail Sergeyevich, we can not allow new experimental facilities have become simply "expensive toy", they should be of real benefit forestry-calculated for the long term.

After the plenary session of the conference participants laid flowers at the bust of First Minister of Tatarstan AA Gulyaev. Alexander Gulyaev worked in this position a quarter century (1959 - 1984 gg.), Trained a galaxy of well-known throughout the country managers of the forest industry. As pointed out in his speech, Deputy Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan HG Musin, when it was laid Gulyaev such a framework for forest management that gives significant positive results to this day. The fact that this is indeed so, the participants were able to see when visiting Sabinsky June 5 and June 6 - Kaybitsky forestry.

In the Sabine forestry guests acquainted with the cultivation of planting material in the new seed selection center for Swedish technology. Use of such material increases the survival rate of trees in natural conditions. For two years the center has already raised 24 million seedlings of conifers.

Great interest was aroused also visit arboretum garden named former director Sabinsky forestry, forester RSFSR Honored TASSR Nurgali Minnihanov. In an area of 11.25 ha was able to collect about 300 plant species from the Far East, Europe and Asia.

Trip to Kaybitsky forestry opened the conference participants the practical side of conservation and reproduction oak. The guests visited the genetic reserve oak and linden branch VNIILM dedicated scientists. Since Peter I of Russia the best specimens of oaks were felled, while nobody cared about saving material for their reproduction. Today in forest genetic reserves an area of almost 750 hectares is being painstaking work to preserve the most valuable gene pool for reproduction oak. The most "successful" boled oaks ("plus trees") are fenced specifically, their acorns later become the main foundation creating high oak stands.

The conference raised the issue of construction in KAYBITSY research and production center "Oakwood Russia." It is planned to equip it with modern Swedish and German equipment. Here, among other things, the lab will be located DNA labeling camera cryopreservation 250 tons of English oak acorns, fields for growing seedlings with closed root system. According to many Russian and Western scientists and foresters, project KAYBITSY particularly interesting because here is the extreme border of oak forests in Europe, growing in extreme conditions, dry summers and severe cold.

Overall, the program was intense and useful - is noted in their closing statements, the conference participants. Director VNIILM AA Martynyuk presented letters of appreciation for their assistance in this endeavor Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan NG Magdeeva, head-forester forestry Sabinsky VN Gizzatullina and head-forester forestry Kaybitsky IH Haffazovu.

Initiators and organizers of the event in Kazan by the Federal Forestry Agency, Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Research Institute for Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry (FBU VNIILM), Russian Centre of Forest Protection and Northern Research Institute of Forestry (FBU SevNIILH ). It should be noted that most of the organizational work was VNIILM branch in Kazan - East European Forest Experiment Station. This is one of the oldest branches of the institute, established in 1926. It worked for several generations of eminent scientists foresters. Two of them on June 5 were inaugurated commemorative plaques: NM Vedernikov and KV Krasnobaeva.

Professor Nikolai Mikhailovich Vedernikov - Honored Forester Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Worker of Science and author of over 200 scientific publications - worked at the station from 1956 to 2005. as chief scientific officer and deputy director for science. Development of methods for treatment of seeds in 2001 was awarded the bronze medal of the World exhibition of innovative projects.

Claudia V. Krasnobaeva - Honored Forester Tatarstan and the Russian Federation, has worked at the station from 1971 to 2006. For creation of seed base of major tree species was awarded a silver medal USSR National Economy. With its direct involvement created about 200 pilot production facilities. Today her work at the station continues to daughter - Krasnobaeva Svetlana, in dealing with forest ecophysiology.

Conference participants were made concrete proposals to improve the reproduction of forests in Russia. Following the conference during the week will be prepared resolution. Collecting offers VNIILM conducted online.

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