In the Spotlight - pine sawfly

May 28 came in VNIILM three companies - "Forest channel", "Moscow 360" and "Morning Russia: science." The main reason for the information to media was in the process of manufacturing laboratories of the Institute viral drug against sawfly - one of the most common pests.

Annually pine sawfly damaged about 52 thousand hectares of forest. Almost always, and large areas are hotbeds of sawfly in the Southern, Central and Volga federal districts. In Siberia borer destroys precious cedars. Populations of this pest outbreaks occur randomly - in the one or the other region of Russia. Fecundity provides rapid spread of sawflies. However, it does have its weak spot - the susceptibility to viral intestinal infections. This "Achilles heel" of the insect and got VNIILM scientists.

Filming began in the forest - representatives of TV with the author of the viral method Yulia Sergeeva and researchers laboratory biological methods to protect forests left in the forest near Noginsk, where he was found hearth pests. Land, "processed" pine sawfly, stand bare branches of pine trees - the larvae devour the needles. In the hearth were cut branches with insects. Further work was carried out in the laboratory of the institute.

Camera crews captured all the stages of preparation: the processing of sawfly larvae viral drug trial last year; mass mortality of larvae and technology spin-off from the dead insect colonies intestinal virus strain that is most effectively destroys this kind of insect. In the future, biomass derived viral and become the basis of modern means to combat the pine sawfly, which is very important - safe for other useful views of forest insects. Release of the drug is of paramount importance, because today the main method of dealing with a dangerous pest of pine forests - lounging around the damaged trees and collecting caterpillars manually.

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