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Arboretum draw children

2May 29 employees VNIILM summed up art competition center of children's creativity, Pushkin. Young artists aged 12-14 came to tour the arboretum and then spent plein air, trying to bring the paints and crayons all seen the beauty of nature.

Inspection booth with drawings arboretum (left to right): The teacher of the art department CDT Natalia Morozova, at the Department of Ecology VNIILM Andrey Zhidkov, a spokeswoman Svetlana VNIILM Sofinsky

Total was 15 works. Best picture chosen collectively as follows: Deputy Head of the Department of Ecology VNIILM Andrey Zhidkov, a spokeswoman Svetlana Sofinsky photographer Anatoly Uryupin. The choice was not easy, because like everything. Children talented, and most importantly - it is clear that painted with love. As a result, it was decided that the two share the victory: Alina Maximov, who managed to convey mood pastel sunny May day in the leafy avenue, and Julia Marino, who brilliantly executed watercolor picturesque corner of the arboretum with rare species of bird cherry.

Awarding was held in class artistic crafts CDT

Prize for the best drawings - as a symbol of the germ larch arboretum VNIILM

As a prize, the girls received a "live" gift - a small sprout larch as a symbol VNIILM arboretum. Over the summer, he'll be stronger in a flower pot, and in the fall with Julia Alina can drop it in the territory of the MDGs and with care to grown big beautiful tree. The second gift was addressed to scientists around the Children's Art Centre - a two-volume edition of "Forest encyclopedia", released in the publishing department of the institute. There are already delighted both children and teachers. According to Andrei Jidkov passing the book: "This is for those interested in nature more deeply and perhaps devote her future profession."

At the end of the meeting agreed that children's drawings adorn arboretum Institute on the day of the anniversary event. This year marks the 80th anniversary VNIILM holding celebrations scheduled for October.

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Figure winner Alina Maximova

Figure-winner Julia Marina

Figure left wing of the building VNIILM