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In the open-air arboretum spent

In mid-May Institute hosted. Sightseeing arboretum together with their teachers came pupils Children's Creativity Center, Pushkin. Guys 2nd and 3rd year of study at the art school has decided to combine the study of nature and plein air.

Tour conducted by the deputy head of the department of ecology VNIILM Andrey Zhidkov. Arboretum was originally conceived as an experimental platform for experimental research, said Andrey. At one time, scientists of the Institute conducted a large selection of work here. Now the park has more than 50 years. Of rare trees grow red oak, hazel, eight species of maple, walnut Manchurian, four types of cherry, cherries Maak among them, most likely because of all the Moscow region is represented only in our arboretum.

And, of course, the main value of the arboretum - conifers: arborvitae, fir, juniper and larch whole alley. Planting material for these alleys, ie different subspecies larch gathered from throughout the Soviet Union, then to determine which subspecies grows better. In addition, the so-called isolated larch volatile - substances that are decontaminated air normalize a person heart rate or blood pressure are involved in metabolism, beneficial effect on blood circulation process, the bactericidal activity of the skin, as well as the immune and nervous systems. That is why the park is always walking a lot of moms with children and the elderly, is a popular place for residents for jogging and sports walking.

After the tour the young artists began to choose a place for open-air. Someone decided to sketch a yellow acacia on a background of larches, someone - a linden alley and juniper. In late May, will be the general view of all artworks. The event in Children's Creativity Center director VNIILM plans come to choose from all of the pictures and noted arboretum best winner.

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