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In the suburbs planted FOREST: larch-spruce-pine

May 17 VNIILM participated at the All Day Tree Planting. 20 employees of the Institute headed by the director went to Podolskoye forest - it is there this year held forest planting. The organizers of this large-scale action was personally Governor A. Sparrows, as well as the Government of Moscow Region, FFA and Forestry Committee of the Moscow region. Participate in the Day Tree Planting took all the organizations related to the forest, including forestry students, schools and colleges.

In the morning the weather was adequate planting - drizzling rain. Once the clouds have dispersed, they all went to their section marked nameplates organization. In areas were made in advance furrows prepared tools and seedlings. Planting should be done with the sword Kolesov, and as seed chosen conifer culture, the first letters of the names that have made the word FOREST: larch, spruce and pine.

Total to this day in the Podolsk district was afforested 35 hectares of land affected by contamination after clearcutting of trees by bark beetles. When landing over, all the protesters waited field kitchen - treated buckwheat porridge with stewed meat, on the stage at that time there was a concert. In honor of this momentous event for the suburbs were a group of "Balagan Limited" and Belarusian ensemble "Pesnyary".

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