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Monitoring of sustainable forest management UNECE

In Izmir (Turkey) from 13 to 15 May the first meeting of the group of experts on sustainable forest management UNECE (ToS SFM). The meeting was attended by Deputy Director for Science VNIILM AN Filipchuk.

ECE Timber updated professional groups support the work of the Working Group on Statistics and forest economy and job section itself. In the near term organized eight teams of specialists. All organizational meetings ToS must pass before the meeting of the Working Group on Forest Economics and 17-18 June in Geneva.

At the meeting in Izmir addressed issues of Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015, FAO, prepare a report on the state of forests in Europe in 2015, participation in the ToS SFM implementation of the program of work of the UNECE Forests 2014-2017. During the meeting, members elected chairman (the representative of Sweden) and three vice-presidents (European Environment Agency, Switzerland and Finland).

In addition, issues of search criteria and indicators to measure the achievement of sustainable development goals (LRC). The goals themselves are still at the stage of formulation. All the regional commissions of the Committee on Forestry FAO plan to present at the next committee meeting (June 23-27, Rome, Italy) its proposals for the LRC. After that FAO would consolidate all proposals and submit them to the UN for further discussion and approval at the summit in 2015.

ToS SFM plans to take an active part in all the work of FAO-related criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management in the Montreal Process on sustainable management of boreal and temperate forests, in the process of "Europe's forests."

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