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"Young" has grown

Deputy directors VNIILM SA Rodin and NA Cooper participated in the jury XI All-Russian Junior Forest contest "Young." This year, the final stage of the competition was held from May 12 to 16 at the Pushkin district, on the basis of the health center "Levkovo", where you could see the nature of the suburbs in all its glory.

Nearly 100 children from 46 subjects of the Russian Federation competed in forest science knowledge and demonstrate the results of their research in the following categories: "Ecology of forest animals", "Ecology of forest plants", "Practical conservation activities", "silviculture." Adult participants - teachers participated in the nominations "Preparing for careers in forestry" and "School forestry in the modernization of education." In this regard it should be noted that "Young" was originally conceived as a competition among school forestry. However, to date, 90 percent of young foresters nominate secondary schools and centers of children's creativity, and not the school forest, which we obviously lack.

Despite this negative feature in this year's "Young" featuring a very strong team. All the guys were well prepared, competent to answer questions, and members of the jury, sometimes it was very difficult to choose the winners. In each category were awarded a 1 -, 2 -, and third place. Those who have not yet got the prize medal, too, are not left without gifts - at the closing ceremony they were handed prizes: cameras, smart phones, headphones, poketbuki. But most importantly, as emphasized in his speech the deputy head of the Federal Forestry Agency Alexander Panfilov - next competition "Young" has shown that young people are not suited to it formally, but really caring for the future of Russian forests for nature conservation. Alexander wished all the participants at the 35th or the 40th contest "Young" result is their children.

Jury Chairman - President of the Russian Society of Foresters, Academician Anatoly Pisarenko congratulated children with overcoming their next stage of forest education and recommend winners as best as possible to prepare for the International Junior Forest Contest, which will be held in St. Petersburg on September 8-12, 2014. "The jury of the International Competition - said Anatoly Ivanovich, - will be only five people from Russia, and 10 - from foreign countries. It will be difficult to defend our interests, so you can win only bring deep knowledge and excellent training. You need to represent our country, not to drop the honor of Russia. "

May 16, after the closing ceremony, all the contestants, judges and guests put together on site OK "Levkovo" new avenue of trees. She was named "Young" - in honor of the competition and in memory of this event. The landing was timed alley and All-Russian Day Tree Planting, which this year fell on May 17. Such a landmark event was inserted another, the 11th row in the annals of Russian Junior Forest Contest "Young."

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