Modern trends in plant protection discussed in Kazakhstan

Head of the Laboratory of Forest Protection from invasive and quarantine organisms VNIILM YI Gninenko and researcher in the Department of Forest Protection GI Cancers and MS Klyukin participated in the International Conference "Protection of plants and environmental sustainability agrobiocenoses", held in Alma-Ata, the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine - KazIZR. Presentations by representatives VNIILM - "beetlecracker Tomicobia seitneri - parasitoid of bark beetle" and "Innovation potential and the development of biotechnology in forest protection in Russia."

The conference was jointly organized by the East Palaearctic Regional Section of the International Organization of Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants (IOBC SPMS), and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of ZT Dzhiembaeva - founder of the modern theory of plant protection products in Kazakhstan, the founder and first director KazIZR.

Also colleagues from the Republic of Kazakhstan, the conference was attended by scientists from Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and the USA.

Opened the Conference opening speech, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, SK Lobsters. Among the participants were the president SPMS IOBC, Academician VI Dolzenko and vice presidents SPMS IOBC M. Glavendekich (Serbia) and VD Nadykta (Russia).

The conference was held on 6 sections, reflecting the main directions of development of modern plant protection: entomology, plant pathology, Herbology and toxicology of pesticides, integrated plant protection, preservation and development of common scientific and educational space.

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