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Renewed collective agreement

On Wednesday, May 14, in the auditorium VNIILM a general meeting of the Institute staff to discuss the new Collective Agreement and the re-election of trade union.

The collective agreement is one every three years between the management and the employees of the Institute, whose rights under the contract, is the trade union organization. This agreement defines the labor rights of employees and, if necessary, is intended to protect them in contentious situations.

From the reports of the execution of the previous Collective Agreement by the Director of the Institute AA Martyniuk and Chairman of the Union NI Chekanovskaya. Majority vote efforts to implement the requirements of the Collective Agreement was found to be satisfactory.

New collective agreement for the period up to 2017 as a whole was approved and adopted. Composition of trade union remained in the same composition, but in the election procedure Director requested the following amendment: not re-elect trade union once every 3 years, and annually. The amendment was also adopted by the participants of the meeting.

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