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The June conference in Kazan. Preview.

Early summer in forestry will be marked by a major international event. June 4-6 in Kazan planned scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of forest reproduction of Russia" and the conference "Russia Oakwood."

The main purpose of the event: to develop proposals to improve the planning, organization and complex technological support of reforestation and management of the economy in oak.

Oversee conferences Deputy Head of the Federal Forestry Agency NS Moles and Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan NG Magdeyev.

Keynote speech "Challenges of government agencies for reforestation and forest management in oak" make head of the forest management and forest reproduction Rosleskhoz MS Doronin. Director VNIILM AA Martynuk speak on "Scientific support Reforestation Russia."

At the conference, in addition to the scientific community in different regions of Russia, expected guests from Kazakhstan and Europe - Latvia, Germany and Sweden. On the results of the joint work of Russian and foreign scientists tell in his report "Results of logging on Scandinavian technology in the Republic of Tatarstan in the forests between 2006 and 2013" employee VNIILM branch in Kazan AK Gazizullin.

As the conference and scientific and practical, scheduled departure of all participants in the Sabine forest to explore the forest seed selection and production center of the Republic of Tatarstan. At the end of each day will be discussion.

The three-day conference program promises to be intense and useful for further innovation of scientists foresters. Applications for participation have already submitted 90 scientific and industrial organizations. Expressed interest in this event, and our colleagues from the new region of Russia - Republic of Crimea.

Following the conference will be prepared collections of the best reports, and problem-analytical articles, which will be available in the relevant federal and online media VNIILM.

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