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Remember and honor

May 8 members of the Institute and invited veterans VNIILM commemorates the soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. In Pushkin main ceremony held on this occasion in the city center, at the memorial "Grieving Mother". But vnilmovtsy traditionally every year to lay flowers at a small memorial on the outskirts of the city, in the district of New Village.

On a brief rally near the monument had a minute of silence. Cherished memory of the dead ... and Remembered "military" past of the institution itself. War years caught a group of scientists, foresters in the first building of the Institute - today it's College of Music. Sergei Prokofiev in Pushkin. During the Great Patriotic scientific thought continued to work - in the same rhythm with the whole country and for the common slogan: "Everything for the front, everything for victory!". VNIILM as a leading research institute forest industry, was entrusted the defense themes: effective localization of forest fires, biological camouflage military facilities, the use of food resources of the forest. In these matters the Institute brought its feasible scientific contribution. At the final stage of the war, when the front line has moved from our land in Europe, and in the early postwar years VNIILM involved in the restoration of destroyed and damaged fighting forest.

On the eve of the institute administration and trade union sent all veterans, home front, the blockade, all pensioners - former employees VNIILM personal congratulations on Victory Day. People appreciate the manifestation of such care and attention, it helps them still consider themselves members of a single team of forestry specialists.

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