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In search of new discoveries

At the weekly meeting of the Director of the Institute on May 5 discussed primarily questions of scientific work. Search of new research topics. Forest sphere have not been separated, she was more concerned with today's problems, and therefore subjects of scientific papers should be related to these issues very closely - said A. Martyniuk.

May 12 on the same occasion, Director scheduled meeting on Skype with the heads of branches - in Tyumen, Kostroma, Kazan and Veshenskaya. VOCs should not lag behind in scientific research as an integral part of the institute. As a result, all the head of departments and supervisors VOC was requested: in two weeks to prepare proposals on innovative developments for the next 3-5 years.

In the direction of the patent at the meeting it was noted that this year has already executed two patents, two more are preparing to surrender.

More YTD revitalized international efforts and cooperation of scientists forest sector. At the end of May in St. Petersburg is expected to hold the International scientific-practical conference "Innovation and technology in forestry." The meeting discussed the candidates and decided to dispatch, under the supervision of the Deputy Director for Science SA Motherland VNIILM five representatives, including the Director of the Siberian branch of IY Kharlova and senior researcher SibLOS AI Nikolaev. All of them will not just guests of honor, but also will make presentations on the conference topics.

At the end of October in Moscow will be held at the 7th International Forum "Forest and Man." In the framework of the forum is expected to discuss topical issues of Russian forest complex, including the expansion of cooperation with the international community forest, finding effective ways of development. From VNIILM there will be directed Deputy Director for Innovation BM Bolshakov and head of the Laboratory of Forest Protection from invasive and quarantine organisms YI Gninenko. This is an important aspect of the work of scientists as a forum "Forest and Man" is considered domestic forest community as the largest trade platform for exchange of experience, the formation of a unified position of experts in matters of investment, production and export of timber products, as review of new technologies.

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