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In the arboretum began "harvesting"

On Friday, April 11, VNIILM together with employees of the Forestry Department on the CFA held the first of four spring Saturday. Cleaning the territory - and the entire campus is an arboretum, came employees of departments and laboratories, graduate students, managers, civil servants. Before starting the work day was held a short meeting. Welcoming remarks said Deputy Director for General Affairs Nicholas Cooper, who outlined the entire scope of work and promised to personally take each of them assigned to the site. The main objective was: to collect garbage, clean the park from large fallen branches and burn them. A fallen and broken trees cut and take on a special truck. On the territory of the arboretum bonfires allowed only in three places and only during clean-up. Therefore, the main fire kindled on the football field at the entrance to the park, the second - near the asphalt road leading to the former chess club and the third - on the road near the west entrance.

All arboretum was divided into segments, each carried two or three cleaning department. After 5 hours of operation managed to clear debris from the main park, which mostly consisted of vodka and beer bottles and cans, as well as other residues "picnics" in nature. Unfortunately, not all people know that VNIILM arboretum is a protected forest area, and fires on its territory, citizens can be fined under the laws of the Moscow region, in the amount of from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles. with each party picnic. Such penalty shall be entitled to charge the police, rangers and emergency workers.

Scientists had to clean up and diapers, discarded after use directly under the trees. Surprising that we have found such uneducated moms (and dads)! Now even schoolchildren know that diapers made of artificial materials decompose in nature as radioactive elements - a few hundred years and with the release of toxic substances. They require special handling. However, their parents still throw while walking, causing thereby a double injury - and nature, and the upbringing of their child who sees it all.

Fallen dry twigs were collected during this work day is not all, of their large number. Therefore, the next "harvest" day is scheduled for next Friday, April 18. VNIILM guide invites you to participate in a volunteer on site arboretum all residents interested in preserving our green spaces clean and healthy. The total collection - at 9 am in front of the main entrance to the institute.

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