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Cultural and educational role of scientists

Nurture love and respect for nature, culture, behavior in the forest should from childhood. This task is not only teachers and parents, but also forest industry professionals. Therefore, staff VNIILM responsibly responded to the offer of administration of Pushkin - to address the environmental activities of the International Day of birds.

Guests school holiday dedicated to the International Day of birds (left to right): Head of the Youth Authority, Pushkin Catherine Gorbachev; Head of the Laboratory of Radiation Ecology VNIILM Dmitry Romachkin; Head of the Department of Environmental Protection Administration, Pushkin District Ivan Maskaev

In the hall Pushkin High School number 1 students gathered 2-4 classes. Institute scientists are accustomed to speak from the rostrum of international and national conferences and seminars, rather than just pick up a "key" to a younger audience. But for professionals, nothing is impossible. And most importantly, those who love the forest, animals and birds, and cherish the beauty of his native land, you can always find a common language.

A story about how it feels to our forest today, listened with interest to both adults and children

The link between birds and forestry Day became the leading word of the holiday: "Forest - storey home is for the birds. But if the house is in danger, in danger and its inhabitants. How is our forest today? What happens in it? How it affects the construction of new roads and housing estates? And what should be done to restore the forest after the "work" of pests? This will tell you a forestry engineer, an employee of the All-Russian Research Institute for Silviculture and Mechanization Romachkin Dmitry Yu. "

Those who love the forest, animals and birds, always easy to find a common language

Dmitry Romachkin, Head of the Laboratory of Radiation Ecology VNIILM, managed to interest his performance even such small children. In a simple and accessible way he told second graders about the main dangers threatening the forest, about different kinds of pests and how to deal with them offer scientists of the Institute, the restoration of our forests, so that tomorrow we all just be on the bare scorched fields. Children is so impressed that they even asked the speaker a few questions from the floor. For example, if the birds do not harm the chemicals that are sprayed trees from pests? Why in our woods there are so many bark beetles - do woodpeckers peck stopped them? And what you need to plant trees in place of felled forest birds to quickly settled there - birch, fir or oak? All questions Dmitry Romachkin tried to answer as simple and understandable to children and remembered it was an important step in the formation of their future outlook on the relationship of nature and society.

Nurture respect for nature is necessary since childhood

These "children" unconventional measures for the scientific community. However, it is difficult to overestimate their moral and educational role. So scientists VNIILM will continue to make such offers to contribute not only in forest science, but also in the work of educating the younger generation.

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