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Salvation groves blockade

In November 2013, the 70th anniversary of the siege of Leningrad, the city administration staff in conjunction with the local branch of the public organization "Leningrad blockade" on the shore of the lake was planted Travinsky Rowan Grove. Wintered trees this spring gave the foliage, and in May, almost all perished.

To elucidate the causes of death of plants city administration invited experts - researchers VNIILM. June 24 at the place left team of scientists including: Head of the Ecology Department, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Leonid Kozhenkova, head of regeneration, seed and non-timber products, candidate of agricultural sciences Nicholas Prokazina and head of the Laboratory of Forest Protection and Quarantine of invasive organisms, Ph.D. Yuri Gninenko. Arrived here as adviser to the head of the city JL Sanfirov, head of department of the Pushkin "Leningrad blockade" GM Suvorov, as well as workers' Pushgorhoza "headed by the Director AA Busheva.

Unfortunately, a detailed study of soil and dead trees prevented torrential rain that occurred during this time. But professional scientists and foresters was enough a few minutes to explore, to make an accurate diagnosis: gasped the root system of trees.

It happened for the following reasons. First of all, correctly selected landing site. Travinsky shore of the lake - the former marshy lowlands, so the groundwater level is initially very high, that for trees, especially for rowan - disastrous. Although the spring they were quite viable - talking about it two surviving trees planted upslope. The second reason - the wrong done landing itself, without consultation with experts that are already defined during the excavation of the roots of trees: the root collar (part of the trunk, extending from the root) is dipped into the soil at 15 cm, which is also uniquely ruining rowan IN ANY landing site.

Excess moisture was the cause of dying mountain ash trees. During spring rains roots were completely in groundwater levels which did not go down for a long time. Trees were left without access to oxygen because oxygen is the root system gets through the looseness of the soil (from the water only take oxygen aquatic plants).

Joint discussion of this situation has helped all those gathered at the lake Trawiński make recommendations to the next landing. First and foremost, it is necessary to choose a new rowan place. Best of all - a steeper slope, and place trees as high as possible, which will storm water drainage (to check: dig a small pit and see - there are wastewater or not).

Planting material can be any age up to 2 m, but preferably with a "native" lump of earth, in which tree it is produced. With this method of planting clod not allow to place the root system too deep.

And one additional condition - on the future site of the grove should pour a layer of fertile soil that the trees could eat and breathe comfortably. Now Soils around Lake Travinsky consists mainly of clay and sand. This is evidenced by the growing everywhere white clover, which prefers the most infertile soil. Subject to the conditions listed above result will be different landing - successful.

The main conclusion was made by all present: any matter should be dealt with by professionals. Therefore, the gate of the new mountain ash grove society Leningrad blockade and the city administration invited scientists VNIILM.

This article has been translated by machine translation.