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In Geneva with VNIILM discussed LRC

AN FBI employees VNIILM Filipchuk and MM Palenova Rosleskhoz in the delegation attended the 36th session of the Joint Working Group of the FAO / UNECE on statistics, economics and management in the forestry sector (Geneva, Switzerland, 16-18 June 2014).

Head of Delegation of the Federal Forestry Agency, Deputy Director AN VNIILM Filipchuk June 16, participated in a workshop to discuss the goals of sustainable development. As a result, the work was formulated a list of 15 sustainable development goals (LRC) that make up the main LRC. Unfortunately, the probability of formulating and adopting a single purpose, dedicated to forests, is very small.

At the session of the Working Group were considered: a new mandate for the Joint FAO / UNECE on statistics, economics and management in the forestry sector; reports on the activities of the Working Group in four new areas of work:

  • monitoring of sustainable forest management, sustainable forest products, forest products statistics, energy from wood;
  • forest policy, the prospects for the forest sector, forest fires;
  • communication and outreach activities of the forestry sector;
  • capacity building - "green" jobs in the forestry sector.

MM Palenova also participated in the meeting of the Expert Working Group on long-term planning of the forestry sector. The group of experts from the discussion offered up to 2015-2016,. revise existing regional forest sector development projects, taking into account the rapidly changing trends in the markets and supply of forest resources, the demand for forest products and paper products, which focuses on the development of "green" economy.

As one of the speakers AN Filipchuk made on June 18 and sessional discussions. The "round table" discussions, participants discussed the issue of providing information about the ownership of forests in the UNECE region.

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