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Istra strong point: the new requirements, new approaches to R & D

At the next meeting the operational director of the Institute discussed a number of important issues, including organizational. The institute took partial restructuring. In particular, the two departments - "Forestry and care of forests" and "inventory and forest management" merged into one under the name "Department of Forestry, forest management and forest inventory." Head appointed Viktor Sidorenko. The new name also got separated reforestation and seed. Now it's "Department of reforestation, seed and non-timber products," headed by his Prokazin Nicholas.

Operational meeting announced the restructuring of a number of departments

The second issue discussed the participation of scientists of the Institute in the development of forestry education. Began work on a competitive selection of school forest "Young." Employees VNIILM invited the jury, and will need to give a professional assessment studies young foresters and environmentalists. Results of the competition with the award of diplomas each year are brought in October Pravdinsky Forestry College.

At the meeting as a separate speaker made Viktor Sidorenko. He raised the issue of additional equipment and putting in order the reference point for Istra, Moscow region. This reference point Institute scientists conducted climatic, soil and other investigations. Now, however, the equipment is clearly outdated and needs to be updated. The question arose - how reasonable investment?

Viktor Sidorenko made a report on the current state of the Istra reference point

All participants agreed that the Istrian experienced forest land is important for the practical work of scientists in the natural environment. Director Alexander Martyniuk supported the idea of restoring Instrinsky areas and instructed Victor Siderenkova prepare a full draft of its technical reorganization in line with today's requirements.

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