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UNECE FAO observes the International Day of the forest

March 21 in Geneva held celebrations to mark the International Day of the forest. This year European public forest chosen as the main theme, the theme "Forest for fashion." The event was attended by the Deputy Head of the Federal Forestry Agency Panfilov AV, deputy director of the FBI VNIILM Filipchuk AN

The General Assembly of the United Nations declared March 21 as the International Day of the forest.

UNECE / FAO Timber Section, together with the young Italian designers under the direction of maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto celebration organized under the theme "Forest for fashion." A symbol of the event was "New infinity sign - the third heaven", developed by Pistoletto.

Third Paradise symbolically represents the configuration of the mathematical sign of infinity. First round is a paradise in which people are integrated with nature. Second round - an artificial paradise, created humanity in the process of globalization. Third round - new paradise - region harmony between man and nature, in which all take personal responsibility for the preservation of this harmony.

In relation to the forest, sustainable forest management should go hand in hand with sustainable consumption and production, so that stability is maintained throughout the entire supply chain, from the forest to the consumption of its products. Fashion should not stand aside. Clothes that show designers, was sewn from traditional and new types of textile products based on wood.

At a conference discussed various aspects of sustainable forest management, the transition to a "green economy." But the basic idea of the conference "Forest for fashion" to be present in all the reports of speakers.

Summed up the conference, Deputy Head of the Federal Forestry Agency Panfilov AV and adviser on international forest policy of the Federal Office for the Environment of Switzerland K. Durr.

March 19-20, held meetings of the Bureau of the European Commission, FAO Forestry (EFC) and the Joint Committee and the EFC bureau in the forest and forest industries UNECE (KLLP). During the meetings, topical issues of forestry and forest industry in the European region in the near future. The meeting was attended by the deputy. FBI Director VNIILM, Deputy. Chairman of the EFC Filipchuk AN

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