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Protecting forest together

March 21 marked the annual International Day of the forest. VNIILM on this occasion decided to hold a briefing with the invitation extended not only the media but also the leaders of the city and district, the Forestry Department of the Central Federal District, "Tsentrlesproekta" Pravdinsky Forestry College and the public.

At the briefing, has raised serious problems of forests in general and of Pushkin area in particular. Academician, one of the previous directors VNIILM Nikolai Moiseyev noted that for too long we treated woods with a use position - only to take! It's time to pay the bills. But it is encouraging that at the federal level yet begun the process of positive change in the attitude to forest resources. Both the president and the parliament introduced amendments to the competent legislation, authority began to listen to the scientists, drew attention to education in forestry.

By briefing prepared summary reports, speeches Forest Protection Department staff YA Sergeeva, Y. Gninenko, NI Lyamtsev (first row)

Director Pravdinsky Forestry College Seraphim Z. Vasiukov in his speech focused on the evaluation of fire hazards in the area. No insects or even illegal logging does not bring harm to a global forest as fires. One solution - opashka fire-hazard before the warm days. Yes, it requires a certain cost, but it is better to spend relatively little money today than tomorrow lose whole forests.

At the podium were representatives of the forestry sector institutions, heads of city and district

Unfortunately, none of the guests is not briefing asked: who should be responsible for the timely opashku fire-hazard - the district administration, forest department or themselves who report to the Committee of Forestry Moscow region?

In the forest briefing personally attended by the head of Sergei Pushkin Gulin. City seemingly has a very distant relationship forest - now resemble TECHNO city parks with lots of cars, roads and parking areas, including disaster. But Pushkin - until the happy exception to the general rule. Inside our city managed to preserve not only the central park of culture and recreation, but to revive the lake Trawiński and green area around it to keep North Forest Park on the West side and organize forest park in the neighborhood Kliazma. Sergei Gulin VNIILM thanked scientists for help. Indeed, last year spent a lot of joint work of the institute and the city administration Conservation damaged Zlatko ash in the central park.

Head of the department of environmental protection administration Pushkin District Ivan Maskaev VNIILM thanked for their cooperation with the region and for his contribution to the conservation of forest scientists.

Most of the questions, as it turned out, was to Acting Head of the Department of Forestry on the CFA Alexey Ermolenko. And asked about the reduction of forest rangers and about ecology, raised the issue of damages Scilla race quad - it is now at a new extreme gardeners.

The briefing participants

After the official part and guest appearances went directly to science and biotechnology. Scientists VNIILM told about biological pest management, a film was shown for the withdrawal in the laboratories of the Institute entomophage - predator insects, larvae and adults of which feed on other insects. New entomophage called Chinese eulofidom, can effectively destroy a dangerous pest suburban forests - nun moth. "Work" eulofida was tested last year and gave excellent results. Conveniently, that he "charged" under the particular pest, and absolutely safe for other beneficial insects - ants and bees. In addition, the live "Chinese" in the suburbs only one summer and winter die.

Director Alexander VNIILM Martynuk: "The experience of such a briefing on the problems of the forest, we see as a positive. And it will continue. "

Leadership Institute evaluated the first experience of such briefing as positive. And in the future it will continue. Especially because of socially important topics for discussion in the scientific and in the forest sector - a lot.

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