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Grow science without departing from life

March 13 meeting of the Academic Council VNIILM who reviewed the results of scientific and economic activities of the Institute during the past year and identified the main tasks for 2014.

Had four deputy director reports in supervised areas. Priority - research activities. In two main areas - Research and postgraduate training, the deputy director for science Sergei Rodin. Just last year he worked Institute 134 topics, including 23 topics on state orders, 16 - for a competitive category Rosleskhoz and 95 on commercial contracts, together with the staff member of the Institute and its branches. Within 45 goszadaniya developed documents on the results of scientific and technical activities (R & D results).

Meeting of the Academic Council began keynote deputy director for science Sergei Homeland

During 2013 17 people were trained in graduate VNIILM reserved three dissertations. In Rospatent presented two applications for inventions. Institute organized and hosted four scientific conferences and seminar participants with a total of more than 300 people took part in 45 exhibitions, conferences and meetings of Russian and international levels.

According to the research center Institute Publishing released 15 titles printed materials - monographs, brochures, collections of articles. Institute staff published 154 scientific articles, including 23 on the list of peer-reviewed WAC.

Deputy Director for Economics and Finance Tatiana Slobodchikova told about the implementation of the business plan of the institute. In general, he succeeded. Deputy Director at the innovative work Boris Bolshakov in its report said that a lot of ideas, there are promising, but the main "pain" point - their introduction. Often innovative opening and remain on paper because abut the endless negotiation and administrative and technical obstacles. To date, the Institute Innovation Center is working on the same topic a year.

Deputy Director for Economics and Finance Tatiana Slobodchikova assessed the execution of the business plan and the prospects for the current year

Nicholas Cooper, Deputy Director of General Affairs, reported in the annual expenditure on logistics research and development, property management, the results of the work in the repair of buildings and facilities of the Institute and its regional branches.

Academician NA Moses (right), member of the Academic Council, one of the directors of the Institute, welcomed the leaders of branches VNIILM

Diploma of the winner of the Contest for young scientists and graduate students in the "Seed, forest genetics and biotechnology, reforestation and afforestation" was presented to Igor Korenev, director of the Central European VOC

Results of the Academic Council summed Director Alexander Martyniuk. He noted that in VNIILM fortunately no-dremonto indifferent atmosphere. All four reports were discussed very hot, sometimes - even too emotional. The second main thesis director - ideas scientists! Without them it is impossible, the institute should "breathe" scientific thought, and it has always distinguished VNIILM among other similar institutions forest industry. At the same time, the survey results, in other words - Products Institute, should be relevant to the industry market. Who needs science for science's sake? Therefore, the future Alexander Martyniuk called all his colleagues suggesting themes for new scientific developments and always know - for what purpose and how they can be used in forestry practice.

Results of the Academic Council summed Director Alexander Martyniuk

In the debate on the reports made by members of the Academic Council. One of the directors of the Institute, Academician NA Moses raised the issue of difficulty implementation of research results. No specific mechanisms of translation of science to practice, we need clearly defined activities. It has to come from the state, but scientists need to raise these issues at meetings of federal and regional levels. If the economy is not interested in research, then why do they need?

At a meeting of young scientists were awarded the Institute - the participants of the annual competition of scientific and experimental research projects Rosleskhoz. Total won five first places, three second and two third places. All 10 winners, ordered by the Director of the Institute, will receive incentive cash bonuses.

The June meeting of the Academic Council decided to devote exclusively research institute.

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