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Affiliates VNIILM reduced debit with credit

March 12 during a meeting VNIILM balance committee for the past year. All branch managers - and they have four of the Institute today - reported on the work done in 2013 and the prospects for the development of forest experimental stations (VOCs) in the current year. The order of performances determined by the nationality - from north to south, so the first reported research and economic-contractual activity director of the Central European VOC Kostroma Igor root.

Speaker - Igor Korenev, head of the Central European VOC

Today the plant employs 17 people, including 4 - PhD. Last year was quite successful for the team in terms of science - based on research findings obtained 9 new patents. Third year running at the station equipped with modern laboratory for micropropagation of fast-growing trees. Advances and "berry" theme: 25 experienced forest areas are experimenting with the cultivation of improved varieties of local cranberries, blueberries and Arctic bramble. In the past year have been completely eliminated all the observations made during the station's financial and business checks in December 2012.

The result of the CE VOC Kostroma spoke curator station - Nikolai Prokazin, head of regeneration, seed and non-timber products

Eastern European VOC Kazan actively developing cooperation with the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan. At BE LOS today creates soil-chemical laboratory, there is a need for the development of research in the field of genetic engineering. Staff at the station, in addition to the basic work, participate in sports and cultural events industry and republican values. The management of not going to rest on our laurels and will continue to expand their scientific and technological cooperation with other actors in the Volga region.

Director of the East-European VOC Aynur Puryaev

Successfully developed the Siberian Branch of the Institute, Director IY Harley. Young team of the station - mostly age of employees to 35. It identifies and "handwriting" work: creativity, new ideas and a desire to automate manual tasks and to develop processes for the forest industry. In particular, Igor Harlov in collaboration with young scientists station Andrei Nikolayev developed innovative technology electronic cards taxation. Filling cards taxation in the field immediately in electronic form, with a tablet, minimizes errors, and reduces the data twice.

The Director noted the updated site Siberian VOC

In addition to this scientific and practical work, a graduate student SibLOS Andrei Nikolayev in 2013 won the federal Competition scientific and experimental research projects of graduate students, young scientists and students, held annually FFA. First place in the category "Forest registry, forest management and forest inventory" took his work on "Development of a common framework for timber in the Russian Federation."

Last among the branches reported at the meeting carrying Commission Cheplyansky Ivan - Director of the South European research Forest Experimental Station (South European NILOS), which is in Veshenskaia. This year, the station will celebrate 65 years. In connection with the anniversary, there is planned to hold a conference "Reforestation in Southern Federal District." At the station, recently earned its biochemical laboratory, opening up new opportunities for research. Director-carrying members of the commission have expressed strong desire - to protect this year's doctoral thesis.

Director of the South European NILOS Ivan Cheplyansky (at the podium) received from the leadership institute "especially important task": This year, the 65th anniversary of the station to defend his doctoral thesis

Branch cooperates with the Forestry Administration of the Rostov region, the Republic of Ingushetia, the Krasnodar Territory and the Astrakhan region. This year, the station will participate in a meaningful scale project of national importance related to the scientific substantiation of forestry activities in urban forests around the objects of the World Cup in Rostov-on-Don.

Overall Carrying Commission recognized the work of branches in 2013 VNIILM satisfactory. Were made specific suggestions to improve their work. In particular, it is proposed to strengthen the publication of research results in scientific journals, websites create branches, strengthen innovation works.

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