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Keeping the "green" frames. Preview.

March 5 in the college hall Rosleskhoz held this year's first general meeting of the Association of forest education. The Association was created specifically for the important task of quality training for all areas of forestry.

VNIILM constantly working closely with the Association, spending Pravdinsk Forestry College, where based Association, teaching and assessment work, studies on experimental plots planting stock, reforestation, thinning and forest protection. For students of the forest industry Institute has organized the show forestry machinery and practical lessons on the basis of soil VNIILM channel.

This year, work will continue and even expand. In particular, the institute is ready to accept students for practical training, to provide workers with college access to scientific and technical information institute, teachers Pravdinsky Forestry College provide an opportunity to continue their education in graduate VNIILM. In addition, in order to improve forestry education and improve the quality of professional knowledge, scientists recommend to create in the Pravdinsky Forestry College, as the main institution for initial training of specialists forest areas of teaching and production base from forest sample plots laid Institute.

Which of the proposals will be accepted and which will require more refining and finalizing, show a general meeting of the Association.

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