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To participate in the contest - ready!

On February 27, the building of the Forestry Committee of the Moscow region, the regular meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC). The main theme was to discuss a number of issues relating to the organization and conduct of scientific research in 2014 with a view to 2016.

In this paper, the NTS was attended by members VNIILM that are permanent members of the Council - head of regeneration and seed NE Prokazin and head of the department of forestry and forest tending VM Sidorenko, as well as invited members of the Institute: Head of the Laboratory of Forest Protection from invasive and quarantine organisms YI Gninenko and director of the Center for strategic planning and forecasting, VA Korjakin. Discussion touched those research that are most relevant to the Moscow region. In particular, the improvement of logging in the forests of the region, the implementation of measures of protection of forests from bark beetle and nun moth using biological means.

Following the discussion, it was decided to approve the proposed research topics and to announce a competition for the right to carry out the work.

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