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In "a bundle" with the Forestry Committee of the Moscow Region

On Thursday, February 13th, VNIILM official visit and cooperation proposals leaders visited the Forestry Committee of the Moscow region Yevgeny Trunov, his deputy Andrei Kotov and head of media relations Svyatoslav Nyaklyayeu. The meeting was also attended by two TV channels - TRC "suburbs" and a private broadcaster Forestry Committee of the Moscow region.

In the photo: Director and Lead Researcher VNIILM discuss with the leaders of the Forestry Committee of the Moscow region prospects for joint fight against forest pests

Guests primarily interested in the development of the Institute's scientists to combat the major forest pests. The situation in Moscow is now complicated. Hundreds of hectares of forest destroyed by bark beetles, and has yet to be repeated in front of sanitary felling. And then, in addition to the bark beetle that prefers only trunks of coniferous trees, added nun moth which destroys needles of healthy trees. Therefore, forest management of the Moscow region, worried about the turn of events, decided to work directly with scientists. As rightly pointed out at the meeting Eugene Trunov: "When a toothache, it is necessary to go to the dentist when torn boots - a shoemaker, and when a problem with the forest, it is necessary to seek the help of professional scientists - specialists in the forest, not the pseudo-environmentalists" . And in general, any problem, to solve which fit with the scientific basis, has a much greater chance of success.

Guests and correspondents visited a number of laboratories, where they are working on the development of biological "weapon" against major forest pests. Spoiled forests can not be saved, but in any case, as we know, there are two sides of the coin: to some extent become pitted "orderly" forest, quickly removing the old and sick conifers, which had the lowest resistance to pests. Do foresters before hands are not reached, but the wings flew beetle. Now the forest near Moscow thoroughly "cleaned up" and must be dealt with reforestation and prevention. And here, again, scientists can not do without.

Eugene Trunov invited the Director of the Institute Alexander Martyniuk create a joint laboratory in the Moscow region. All the technical part of equipping laboratories Forestry Committee is ready to take on the most important - jointly with scientists VNIILM produce as much as possible to prevent pests biomaterial. Now we have to think about the future, and if you do not waste time, the young forest grows up in the suburbs after 12-15 years.

In addition to creating the laboratory is scheduled for March participatory VNIILM and Forestry Committee of the Moscow Region in the Civil Forestry Forum: scientists make presentations as experts on insect pests and forest protection. In April and May, based on Solnechnogorsky nursery planned directly in natural conditions to conduct an experiment on breeding entomophages against bark beetle correction techniques effectively combat this threat.

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