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Sustainable development after 2015

January 22-23 in Geneva hosted a seminar on "Forests and sustainable development: A Regional Perspective." The seminar was attended by a representative of the FBI VNIILM, Filipchuk AN

The main purpose of the workshop was: formulation of sustainable development of the forests with the European context.

After Rio + 20 (2012) began to develop sustainable development goals (SDGs), which will be presented at the next summit in 2015.

Experts European countries have attempted to formulate forest purpose on behalf of the European region, which will be presented at the February meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group of the United Nations in New York in February this year. Despite its apparent simplicity, the task of formulating global goals is not as simple a solution. Europe region comprises 46 countries, including 28 EU countries, Eastern European countries, Central Asia and the North Caucasus, CIS countries. All countries have different climatic, economic and social conditions and have their internal development priorities. In formulating global goals needed to comply with the principles of the United Nations, international law and the decisions of the conferences in Rio and Johannesburg, based on commitments already made by Member States of obligations. In this case, the proposed objectives must enable full effect to all major summits in the economic, social and environmental fields, focus on priority areas for achieving sustainable development, to reflect all three aspects of sustainable development and their relationship; be consistent with the United Nations Development Programme after 2015, to include the participation of all stakeholders.

Also targets should be clear, understandable to all formulations uniquely translated into the working languages of the UN.

The Secretariat suggested that participants several methodological approaches to the task. The result was conducted SWOT-analysis of the proposals received by the address of the working group of the European region, and previously made by experts.

The discussions were formulated four main objectives related to forests specific to the region of Europe, for further discussion at a meeting of the UN Working Group open in New York. These include economic and social components, covering the issues of food and energy security, the creation of green jobs, ensure clean environment. For each goal was formulated extended justification for further discussion.

Recognizing the importance of forest issues for sustainable human development, the experts recognized that the inclusion in the list of global goals for approval at a summit in 2015 is specially formulated "forest" targets are unlikely to be real. Therefore, forest issues were also included in other global objectives: food security, poverty alleviation, energy, etc.

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