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Expert Meeting process "Forest Europe"

The process of "Forests of Europe" - a regional political initiative, created at a high level, the purpose of which - European cooperation. In the process of "Forests in Europe" includes 46 countries and the European Union. In addition, as observers in the work of participating non-EU countries and international organizations. Work process is based on the regular ministerial conferences and the follow-up to the tasks. The Ministerial Conference is considered the most important political and social issues related to forests. Between conferences, work by a Secretariat which is currently located in Spain. In general, the activities of the secretariat in Madrid during the year was to prepare an emergency conference of forestry ministers of European countries and the implementation of the work program, adopted in 2012 at the first meeting of experts.

In Valladolid (Spain) February 4-5, held a meeting of experts of the European process "Forests in Europe." The event was attended by 85 people representing most countries in the process of "Forests in Europe", international organizations, including the UN / ECE, FAO, NGOs. From the Russian side was represented by representatives of the MFA (Berdyyev Marat). Rosleskhoz (Linicheva Marina), "Roslesinforg" (Sokolenko Maria), FBU VNIILM (Filipchuk Andrew).

The main issue of the meeting concerned the preparation for the Extraordinary Conference of Ministers of Forestry European countries, to be held in 2014.

Among other issues, the meeting discussed the implementation of the activities of the Work Programme 2012-2015,. Experts noted the progress the job gets done on sustainable forest management, improve forest monitoring and reporting, evaluation of forest ecosystem services. The overall program of work is done successfully. During the discussion of the report "The State of Forests in Europe 2015", the Russian side expressed concern about the existing differences between the secretariat of the process of "Forests in Europe" and the UN / ECE FAO copyright issue separating the future edition.

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