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One more candidate

Operational meeting at the head of the institute began on Monday February 10 with a pleasant mission - delivering Oleg Ryabtsev diploma on awarding academic title Doctor of Agricultural Sciences . The hero of the defended in May 2013. Dissertation work lasted 6 years, Oleg wrote it in parallel with its main activities. As head of the forestry sector design VNIILM periodically he must travel to various regions of Russia to sign the contracts for design and survey works. It is no accident Oleg Riabtseva dissertation was devoted to one of the most, perhaps, topical themes - reforestation. Leaders were the head of department of forestry and forest tending Viktor Sidorenko and head of the Laboratory of Forestry and forest management Vladimir Zheldak. A lot of effort for a successful defense made Secretary of the Academic Council Svetlana Tsaregradskaya and Technical Secretary of the Dissertation Council Tatiana Martyanova.

Newfound candidate Oleg Ryabtsev agricultural, scientific secretary Svetlana Tsaregradskaya and technical secretary Tatyana Martyanova happy with the overall result).

New "brown" are of great importance not only for the Oleg Riabtseva but also for the institution as a whole. The team of scientists added another PhD candidate, and now in their VNIILM works exactly 30.

The next important point of discussion at the working meeting was the reconstruction of the building adjacent to VNIILM territory. Design competition was announced three months ago, the director, it is time to take stock and choose the best option. Reorganization of the central question of a new flower beds arose for two reasons: several trees bark beetle infestation, so that had to cut the part of the oil, and update methods territory of modern landscape design. The main volume of landscaping is planned for April. While all the details of the new project were not disclosed.

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