February 9 marks 85 years since the birth of Anatoly Pisarenko

February 9 marks 85 years since the birth of Anatoly Pisarenko - President of "Russian Society of Foresters," and Academician of the International Academy of Informatization. On the occasion of this significant date, we note the main stages of career path of a prominent Russian scientist.

Anatoly Ivanovich was born in the village. Sotnikovo Póchepskogo Bryansk region. From his youth, he decided to devote his life to the preservation of nature, inherited from the parents love the Bryansk forests, and in 1951 graduated from the Bryansk Forestry Institute.

At that time in the Soviet Union, based on the works of prominent Russian agronomists, unfolded a comprehensive program of regulatory nature, called "Stalin's plan to transform nature." It was a grand offensive drought by planting of forest plantations, the introduction of grass crop rotation, construction of ponds and reservoirs. First time in history created large state forest shelterbelts. They not only conserve water, but also served as a shield against harmful to the crop southeasterly winds - dry winds. Anatoly Ivanovich, as a young professional, with his wife, a graduate of the same institute, was sent to work in Kalmykia - Zimovnikovskiy foothold in Steppenwolf LOS VNIILM. Here remembers Anatoly while in his book "Notes forester": "Steppe struck us. It was autumn, all the visible eye area were dry and withered grasses and sagebrush nothing else - not a tree or a shrub. In some places, the wind rolled balls Kurai - "Rolling Stone." To a greater extent ... we hit houses, huts and benches made of clay in the cabins. For us who have grown up in the forest belt, where the foundation of all was the tree: wooden houses, wooden fences, wooden benches - everything was different. All ... for us it was unusual and new, and we had to enter into this new and unusual for us life. "

Such starting work and scientific activity is largely determined by the deepest commitment to AI Pisarenko forest science and the scientific rationale for all management decisions in the field of forestry. Working forester, Anatoly Ivanovich in 1957 postgraduate VNIILM, then headed Steppe mehleskhoz Stavropol Territory and simultaneously Steppe VNIILM experimental station. Outstanding performance and energy enabled him in 1960 to defend his thesis for the degree of candidate of agricultural sciences.

A.I.Pisarenko passed all stages of forest hierarchy - Kislovodsk forestry director, chief engineer and chief forester of the Stavropol Regional Forestry Department - that naturally led him to Moscow, which is always fed talents from the provinces. In the capital, passing through the ranks of the chief specialist of the Department of Forestry of the State Forestry Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR to the Deputy Minister of Forestry of the RSFSR, AI Pisarenko kept potential scientist and cravings for improving forestry practices, especially in the field of reforestation and afforestation. Moreover, his scientific work in the wake of the thaw of the 1960s to overcome the heavy curtain of censorship and began to go abroad.

Problems reforestation and the creation of artificial forests became dominant in the work of scientists until the mid-1990s. However, he continued his work in key positions and the forest industry. When creating the USSR State Committee on the forest as the First Deputy Chairman - Chief Forester of the country - it was invited Anatoly Pisarenko, defended by the time his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia took independent experts to preserve and promote the legacy of Soviet times. Quite naturally, Anatoly Ivanovich, with his knowledge and experience, he was appointed deputy head of the newly created Federal Forestry Service. His responsibilities were forest science and international activities.

Turned their attention to the problems of forestry in connection with the globalization of the timber trade, climate change, loss of biodiversity, AI Pisarenko participated in the creation of several brand new areas of research and led a number of them. For example, model forests, criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management, the role of forests in the global carbon cycle, atmospheric and others.

However, being interested in the global aspects of forest science and forest policy, Anatoly retained affection for of reforestation and afforestation. His fundamental work on assessing the role of boreal forest biosphere largely contributed to changing attitudes priority rainforest. The importance of the boreal forest in the global natural processes was not only recognized - largely thanks to the efforts of AI Pisarenko, but also included as a new category in the accounting world's forests operated FAO.

Realizing how important childhood educate thrift and love for timber resources of Russia, Anatoly is chairman of All-Russian Congress of school forest, the All-Russian junior competition "for the preservation of nature and respect for the forest wealth" ("Young"), International Junior Forest Contest.

Without making a detailed analysis of scientific papers academician, which is very difficult because of their large number and diversity, we note his human qualities. First of all, demanding of themselves and impartial self-esteem, which miraculously get on with condescension to the shortcomings of others and patience to detractors.

Anatoly Pisarenko awarded the Gold Medal. GF Morozova, Order of Red Banner of Labor, and numerous medals of the USSR, Order Alvaro Barba Mochado (Cuba), the International Order "For merits in the field of information", Diploma of the Russian Government, the Gold Medal of the agro-industrial complex, the Gold Medal "Elite informatizatorov Peace" medal "Patriot Russia ". He was awarded the title of "Honorary Worker of the forest", "Honored Worker of Nature Protection" and Badge of Honor "For active work on patriotic education of citizens of Russia."

The whole team congratulates VNIILM Pisarenko Anatoly Ivanovich with the upcoming anniversary! We wish him good health, energy and vitality to still have enough power to all directions of his multifaceted activities!

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