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Forest will not notice the loss of

At the regular meeting of February 4 Rosleskhoz speakers representative VNIILM Nicholas Prokazin - head of regeneration and seed. His report "seed zoning" aroused interest, active discussion and, eventually, - universal approval.

Indeed, the work was carried out serious. Results obtained on the basis of an assessment of 800 hectares geographical cultures in 39 regions of the Russian Federation. It is worth to say that the previous scientific study on the subject was made more than 30 years ago, during the Soviet era - in 1982. Then it was engaged in several research institutes. Currently, work was carried out with the participation of specialists VNIILM Roslesozashchita and with the assistance of the Federal Forestry Agency.

Results of the study are of great importance for the conservation of forest resources of our country. Above all, 5-fold, compared with the previous amount, able to reduce the total number of seed development. This means that when the global forest damage - after fires or massive cuts - no shortage of material for the restoration of forest seed losses. Districts receiving specific seeds are now expanded and clearly marked on the basis of computer simulation of new systems seed zoning map of Russia. Results of scientific research will provide prompt transfer of seeds for planting new forests, which is especially important in reforestation of large areas affected by fire and disease.

The general opinion of participants, this work can adequately represent the Russian forest science at the international level. Therefore, it was proposed to push her to participate in the Russian-German symposium at the exhibition Intervorst 2014, which will be held in Munich in July this year.

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