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Youth took all the first prizes

Weekly status meeting leaders VNIILM February 3 began with a summary account director. Alexander Martyniuk shared his impressions from a trip to Nizhny Novgorod, where the Rapporteur participated in an extended retreat Rosleskhoz on "Efficiency of execution of delegated powers in the field of forest relations actors Volga Federal District: results of 2013 and tasks for 2014" . Report of the Director VNIILM caused particular interest as it relates to "pain points" forest policy: regulatory and legal and technical support forestry. First of all, it refers to the system logging of forest plantations. General concern is the depletion of forest resources today Russia. Chief whip - fires and uncontrolled spread of pests. On this issue, the report said A. Martyniuk proposals to develop innovative fire fighting equipment. VNIILM also ready to offer their services to forecast the spread of pests and technologies for the protection of forests against them. The report drew attention to the need for the development of equipment for establishment of forest plantations and care. Director of the Institute was met with understanding. Separately Alexander Martyniuk thanked his colleagues from the Republic of Tatarstan, the Udmurt Republic and the Nizhny Novgorod region for scientific and technical cooperation in the past year.

Photo 1: Alexander Martyniuk hands Andrei Nikolayev Diploma of the winner in the category "Forest registry, forest management and forest inventory" for the work "Development of a common framework for timber in the Russian Federation"

Another nice thing briefings - award winners and the contest of scientific and experimental research projects of graduate students and young scientists and students. Today is so much talk about the need to raise the shift of young scientists. Therefore, the FFA for the third consecutive year this competition. At this time, the first place in all four categories took graduate VNIILM. It speaks of the significant efforts of eminent scientists of the Institute to work with promising youth.

Photo 2: Vyacheslav Degtev, chairman of the Council of Young Scientists VNIILM, took third place in the "Forest registry, forest management and forest inventory" for work "Simulation dynamics of the forest in order to determine the allowable amount of forest use", work was carried out in collaboration with Andrei Shalneva

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