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The envy of the Moscow area

March 2 The Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan has initiated another Olympics "Forest trails in 2014." This sporting event is held annually to attract workers and students of forestry in regular physical culture and sports, healthy lifestyles, enhancing cooperation between the agencies and departments of forest, of course, to enhance the recreational and sports activities. Fortunately, the snow this year in Tatarstan - do not hold, and residents enjoy all the pleasures of winter sports holiday.

In the field of forestry workers Olympics Tatarstan branch was attended by scientists VNIILM - East European VOC. Sunday morning on the territory Lubyansky Forestry College in Kazan gathered all competitors: Kazan branch "Roslesinforg", JSC "Forest transport company", LLC "Elhovles", staff and students of the Faculty of Forestry of the Kazan State Agrarian University and students of school forest. If in the past Olympics meant only skiing, but now expanded sports destinations - added chess, tennis and volleyball. Competed on the track branch manager Puryaev Ainur, the chess table was researcher Alexander Prokopiev and tennis competitions in defending the honor of VOCs - and, incidentally, took third place - Researcher Fyodor Ilyin.

Such measures are needed not only for sporting achievements. First of all, they serve for communication, for dating people working in the same industry but in different institutions. And once again emphasize the realities of today: in any industry - science, education or administration, is important in good physical shape.

In the photo: Members Games «Forest trails 2014" Eastern European VOC VNIILM (left to right) AP Prokop'ev, AS Puryaev, FS Ilyin, SO Ottomans

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