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Wood requires a good technique

Russian Engineering Union and the Working Group on the modernization of industry initiated an expanded meeting of interested organizations and enterprises on "Prospects for the development of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry of the Member States of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space."

Meeting of the Committee of the Bureau of the CA on a tractor, agricultural, forestry, utility and road construction machinery Russian Engineering Union and the Working Group of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Association "League of assistance to defense enterprises"

The meeting was held in Moscow on February 25, going very representative composition. In particular, the future development of the engineering industry in the forestry and agricultural sectors discussed members of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, public corporations, industrial companies, as well as individual experts.

In the photo: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Deputy Director VNIILM for Science and Innovation Boris Bolshakov (center) made on behalf of the Institute for a number of specific proposals for the development of innovative forest machinery

The report Boris, primarily noted that all major forestry work on the reproduction of forests, their conservation and protection are performed with the use of machines and equipment. And if the amount of this equipment is sufficient - nearly 10 million units, then it is hopelessly outdated technology. The lumber industry today, more than ever, we need a new - innovative approach to productivity growth, the volume of forest management and timber quality. Processes of modernization, renovation and expansion of the range of forestry equipment already happening in a number of large companies, but so far - at the expense of imports.

Regarding imported equipment should be noted that, in addition to high reliability, are important indicators of service, training and support implementation. In the domestic market, we also can provide all of this, if you combine the efforts of scientists and machinists. VNIILM willing to take the preparation of technical specifications for manufacturers of innovative forest machinery, make scientific substantiation process, to participate in the testing of vehicles in the future together to promote it on the market. Immediately interested in this proposal, several major companies: Petersburg Tractor Plant, Abakan experimental mechanical plant, "Maikop mashzavod", "Bryansk-Amkodor" and Belarusian "Grossvagen."

For innovative development of the forest sector VNIILM made at the meeting the following proposals for their implementation at the federal level: first, within 2-3 years should provide a centralized procurement of modernized national forest machinery with the aim of revitalizing the development of domestic markets and engineering, and secondly, the joint efforts of engineering and science, as well as all member countries of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, to focus on creating a modular technology. For modularity - the future , it is modular technology provides significant economic benefit due to the maximum load of expensive base means all sorts of technical amendments. For example, the basic chassis depending on the task, can be attached plows, milling, tank seedlings, front blades, as the minimum time and resources required for "dostoroyki" on the basis of the base chassis forest fire rescue vehicle, forwarder or other multi-specialized forest machines.

The first experimental samples of such modular technology has been manufactured and tested enterprises "Amkodor" from Bryansk and "Velmash Service" from the city of Great Luke. Preliminary results are impressive: efficiency, quality and level of mechanization of forest operations - 2.5 times! In addition, the flexibility and the possibility of year-round use of the base chassis, its use in heavy-duty off-road forest that will always be important for Russia.

VNIILM also considers it appropriate, on behalf of the Russian Engineering Union address in the Eurasian Economic Commission with a proposal to finance, within the Customs Union, R & D to develop and produce series production forest machines modular type of forest management, reforestation and forest fire fighting. Need to develop a "sectoral forest program creating innovative machines and processes" with the introduction of advanced regions with different forest conditions.

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