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Top-rank school kid foresters identified

X1 regional academic forestry contest for the Kostroma region school children was held in Kostroma on May 18−19, 2017 in Kostroma. $0 school kids from 20 schools of 17 regional municipalities participated in the Contest.

Acting deputy director for research of the Central European FES E.Bagaev and senior researcher G.Makeeva directly worked in the Contest organizing committee and jury.

The Contest comprised 3 tours:

1st – theoretical (testing);

2nd – practical (field work);

3rd – contest of research papers and projects.

In 1st tour participants showed theoretical background in forestry and wildlife of the Kostroma region. In 2nd tour they demonstrated their knowledge, know how at 6 stages: forest regeneration, forest science and silviculture, forest conservation, biodiversity and conservation of wildlife and its environment, forest “Robinsons”, “Russian forest”. In 3rd tour the participants presented research papers in various areas –forest science and silviculture, environment protection etc.

Schools of the Pavinsky, Krasnoselsky, Kologrivsky, Mangurovsky and Chukhlomsky districts showed the highest performance and results. The winners and prize winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts, The central European forest experiment station takes an active part in schoolchildren training for forestry contests.