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All-Russian Research Institute for Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry (VNIILM)

Russian Research institute for Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry (VNIILM) was founded in 1934 under the resolution of the USSR government of September 19, 1934.

VNIILM is a significant federal state institution leading in forestry provides scientific methodological impact on forest study and forest problem solutions in our country.

More than one generation of outstanding famous scientists and high quality forest experts in various areas worked on successful solutions of complex problems at the Institute. 2 members of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 6 members of the USSR Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 7 members of the RAEN, 5 honoured masters of science and engineering, 5 recipients of the State prize are among them. Research leaders of departments and creative teams have PhD and candidate of Science degrees.

Science development at our Institute is associated with the names of such outstanding researchers as A. Turin, A.Zhukov, K.Lositsky, A.Pobedinsky, A.Yablokov, VShumakov, A.Ilinsky, N.Moiseev, N.Anutchin, V,Zagreev, V,Tchuenkov, S.Dusha-Gudim, I.Maradudin, P.Voronkov, V.Suvorov to name a few.

The Institute comprises 8 research departments, 12 laboratories, 6 sectors: research coordination, standartization and post graduate course department, forest payment management and price monitoring center, forestry standartization information and reference center, forest radiology information analytical and research international center, international cooperation information management center: 4 branches – forest experiment stations (FES) – South European research FES, Central European FES, East European FES and Siberian FES. VNIILM total staff is 260 employees including 11 PhDs, 62 candidates of sciences, 17 officers have honorary titles of “Distinguished Forester of the Russian Federation”, “Distinguished Economist of the Russian Federation” and “Distinguished Engineer of the Russian Federation”.

Top objective of the Institute activities is to provide research and development for regulatory, normative and technical, normative-methodological and technological forest management and forest use, conservation, protection and regeneration.

Over the last 5 years VNIILM accomplished 300 research projects arranged over 400 federal regulatory documents specifying forest relations in the state under contracts and the summary plan. Over 30 patents and positive decisions on inventions and breeding accomplishments have been acquired. Over 34 books< monographs, research digests and textbooks and 680 research papers have been published.

All Institute and its branches employees have personal computers and office appliances. Laboratory equipment amounting to 30 million rubles has been purchased in 2009-2010.

Local computer network (LCN) has been developed to support research and networking among the units. VNIILM LCN integrates computer systems of the units and has Internet access/ As a rule LCN users have full and unlimited access to Internet resources.

Provisions for video communications including video conferences with Rosleshoz management and VNIILM branches have been accomplished.



VNIILM building is in the center of the arboretum park in Pushkino, Moscow region. Park area is 13 ha.
Top designation of the Institute arboretum park is research activities on acclimatization, hybridization and tree and bush species variety trials, specific tours on silviculture and forest science for domestic and foreign experts.
The park trees and bushes were planted by VNIILM employees in 1950-1960.